Monday, September 15, 2014

Still Life "Grapes with Pear" Original Oil Painting

Grapes with Pear

Victoria Page Miller "Grapes with Pear" oil painting
"Grapes with Pear", 5 x 5", oil on linen/SOLD ©VP Miller
This painting is about studying massing and edges. Massing is keeping your darks together and your lights together. The grapes, their shadows, the pear's shadow and it's darkest area are all connected. By edges, I mean I am working on found (sharp) and lost (soft) edges within a painting. The sides of the pears are almost completely lost in the background, yet you still feel it's mass. The edge of the grape stem that connects with the center of the pear (and it's lightest part) is also a hard edge, which should lead your eye there.

 It's also a just a pretty good representation of grapes and a pear. I am channeling David Leffel, of course. I'm not really channeling him (he's alive, thankfully). I am learning from him in an old book called "Oil Painting Secrets from a Master". Hopefully as I progress through his lessons and apply what I've learned, you will see a progression in ability too.

You should know, this was terribly fun to paint.

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