Thursday, March 28, 2013

Untitled Work in Progress Oil Painting Day 3

I worked on developing some of the dark values, over which mid- and light values will go. You know, working from back to front. You can see this playing out in the hose, little structure, and the foliage to the right in the mid-ground. I also adjusted some of the dark values in the background.

Work in Progress, Untitled, Oil, ©Victoria Page Miller

Link to Work in Progress Untitled Oil Painting Day 2

Link to Work in Progress Untitled Oil Painting Day 1

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Untitled Ranch Oil Painting Part 2 Work in Progress

This is how I started this early afternoon. I got off to a later start than usual, but I was reacting to unimportant emergencies. You know, the house wasn't burning, but I had to put out some fires in a manner of speaking unrelated to art. Since Part 1, you can see that I worked mainly on deepening values in the large shadow in the foreground and developing some more depth in the main tree. I also started laying in beginning washes for the girl and the dog.

Work in Progress, Untitled,Oil, ©Victoria Page Miller

Link to Untitled Ranch Oil Painting Part 1

"Americana Realized" Exhibit at 1350 West Gallery Save the Date 4/12

Pleased to announce that I will be exhibiting at the "Americana Realized" Exhibit at the 1350 West Gallery at Carey Hand Ross Parker in Orlando, Florida. The opening reception to meet the Artists, enjoy live music and Hors d'hoeuvres will be on Friday, April 12th from 5pm to 8pm. I hope to see you there!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Work in Progress (Underpainting) Oil Painting Untitled Ranch

This is where I started from this morning.. Usually, if I share I like to take photos throughout and reveal the process all at once after the painting's completion. This is a wee bit scarier and keeps me honest. I've been at this painting awhile and it's starting to take form.

Work in Progress, Untitled, Oil, ©Victoria Page Miller

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Portable Phone Art Gallery Portfolio Dropbox Hack

I was sitting at a table recently with business colleagues that I had just met, when one asked, "Can I see your art?" Well.... uh....fiddling around... I didn't have any prints, or portfolios on me! I just had my business cards (one extremely tiny image) and that wouldn't suffice. I'd never given it thought.

Afterwards, I checked out the current offerings for portfolio apps on smart phones. There weren't many for artists/photographers and they weren't free. But I didn't give up.

I have a really easy, elegant solution. I tend to favor those.

Did I mention that it was free?

1) First you must already have photographs of your art work. This tutorial doesn't cover that. Get the highest quality possible, and make sure the digital file is on your computer. You can have it in any photo format file you choose.

2) Sign up for and install Dropbox. If you don't have it already, it is free file storage to sync between your computer(s), the cloud (or Dropbox website) and your phone. It is private, but you can enable sharing. Once you've installed it in another window or tab, come back to here step 3. By the way, it works on both Windows and Mac systems.

3) Connect your smart Phone to Dropbox. You can do this two ways. A. You can go into Apps first, and search for Dropbox and install it, or B. You can open an internet browser on your phone and go to Dropbox and sign in. The Dropbox App should appear on top of the Sign in Page, prompting you to Install.

       3.5) Note- I chose to not enable automatically saving each photo I took from my phone to Dropbox. I take a lot of pics and figured this would be a great way to burn up my storage. You may choose to enable it though. Think about what your needs are, you can change your settings later.

4) Back on your computer, Create a folder under the Photos Directory in Dropbox. I named mine "Victoria Page Miller Art". Name yours something like "Joe Smith Artist" for example, to keep it separate from your personal photos.

Sub Directory "Victoria Page Miller Art" under Photos in Dropbox file on Computer
5. Now you can copy the photos of your artwork into this sub directory. Keep in mind that whatever you have titled your artwork will be visible to your prospective clients. You might want to name them all in the same format, for example "Joe Smith Purple-Abstract 1" or "Joe Smith Walking Dog". 

Contents of Sub Directory "Victoria Page Miller Art" under Photos in Dropbox file

6) After the photo files in your sub directory (in my case, in "Victoria Page Miller Art") on the computer sync go back to your phone. Go into your Dropbox App (not via a browser). First tap on the Photo folder, then tap on the first photo in the folder. You will have a full screen gallery image of your photo. You can then swipe all the images backwards and forwards in the within the sub directory! A bonus is that all of the images are surrounded by gallery, piano black. Not too shabby for free.

"Mystic Rhythms" ©VP Miller, on Cell Phone via Dropbox App

I will never be without images of my portfolio again, and you shouldn't be either! The bonus is that your art or photo images are backed up. If you are squeamish about having them out "in the cloud" then simply don't put your full sized images in the folder. Down size them to what would be best viewed on the web (for example, 72dpi). Other artists like to trade mark over their images, what do you think?

I hope this has helped.

The link to install Dropbox with my referral code is here. Once you download and install I'll receive increased storage in my account (thought it was fair that you know)! You don't have to though, you can google Dropbox and install it the old fashioned way.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Art "Peacock Orchid" Now on Sale at FineArtAmerica

I've partnered with the world's leading art fulfillment website FineArtAmerica to enable you to purchase fine art reproduction giclĂ©es on paper, canvas, acrylic and metal of my original oil painting "Peacock Orchid". These are available in numerous sizes, and framing options.  Perhaps the coolest feature for you is that the site allows you to try the image out with various matting or framing options (or framing free, also known as the gallery wrap) so you can see what would work with your decor. They also come with a money back guarantee so you can shop confidently. Buy my open reproductions of "Peacock Orchid" here.

"Peacock Orchid", 24x30", Oil on Canvas, ©Victoria Page Miller

orchids art floral art phalaenopsis art

Friday, March 8, 2013

Sat Nite Artist Way Group Event "Smoking" + Jazz

Looking for fun this Saturday night? Look no further, the Artist Way group is exhibiting "Smoking" one night only in the converted old Casselberry firehouse! Artists will be on hand to pour wine and talk art, music, and mingle! Just a few of the exhibiting artists are Cheryl Jones Evans, Shari Sherman, Brian Jones (no relation), Marla E, Deborah Umphrey, Sharon Omens, Lindsay N. Lyons, Wendy Cagen, and Kathy Furey Tran. Co-located with this event is the Jazz stylings of Euge Groove in the amphitheater at Lake Concord Park in Casselberry, behind City Hall.

All events run from 6pm-9pm. Free, thanks to Orlando's Smooth Jazz WLOQ 102.5.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

#Free Torrit Grey #Oil #Paint Now Thru End of April

Torrit Grey is created annually, each spring, by taking pigment particles from the Gamblin filtration system during production, and turning the remnants into a unique pigment. The filtration system protects the workers during the production process, and the remnants are saved and turned into yet another fine arts color. Each Torrit Gray production run yields a unique color, depending upon the particles collected. How cool is that?

The Torrit Grey in store promotion runs through the end of April to coincide with Earth day to bring attention to recycling, studio and environmental safety. Gamblin is giving away promotional 37ml tubes of Torrit Grey in your local fine arts retailer. Get yours now!

Monday, March 4, 2013

March Wine Art Wednesday in Lake Mary FL

Come to this Wine Art Wednesday on March 6th held from 5pm - 9pm in the Lake Mary City Hall park square. It's a wee bit early for St. Patrick's Day but that isn't stopping the organizer from bringing lively music and craftsman beer to help celebrate. Also on tap are fine artists, and we'll be lining the roads in front of the friendly retailers who are staying open for the event!