Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Art "Peacock Orchid" Now on Sale at FineArtAmerica

I've partnered with the world's leading art fulfillment website FineArtAmerica to enable you to purchase fine art reproduction giclées on paper, canvas, acrylic and metal of my original oil painting "Peacock Orchid". These are available in numerous sizes, and framing options.  Perhaps the coolest feature for you is that the site allows you to try the image out with various matting or framing options (or framing free, also known as the gallery wrap) so you can see what would work with your decor. They also come with a money back guarantee so you can shop confidently. Buy my open reproductions of "Peacock Orchid" here.

"Peacock Orchid", 24x30", Oil on Canvas, ©Victoria Page Miller

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