Sunday, February 13, 2011

Artist's Way Online Giveaway!

This is a shameless plug for my good friend and one heck of an amazing facilitator, Cheryl. Cheryl has been facilitating this class for years and I was fortunate enough to be in hers and experience it first hand. I can tell you she is just what the doctor's ordered and serves it up with a plate of hilarity. Those of you who also want to hone your art skills may be interested in art classes via accredited online colleges.

Cheryl is the one actually giving away an online Artist's Way class to the first 20 people who contact her! In return, since this is her maiden voyage teaching online - you must be willing to endure possible learning experiences with technology sigh... ya know .. like in the real world! 

What a great deal! 

The Artist's Way.. and meeting with like minded people to share experiences and act on the exercises in Julia Cameron's book is what helped me to break through the artist's block that I had had for... oh... decades. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Certainly, if you can meet up with an Artist's Way group locally - then do so! Stop hemming and hawing and second guessing yourself - go and do something! Action, is the key.

But if you are challenged because no such group meets in your area. Or it's hours away. Or because the Artist Way group has already started.. or because it won't start until this summer.. Jump on this one

You have one life and the time to do something about your creativity is now. Whew. 

Now get out there and make something!

All My Best,

Friday, February 11, 2011

Daisy Dog and Value Scale Painting

These past few days have been a blur of paint and laughter. I have had the incredible fortune of taking a Pat Weaver workshop in Orlando. If you get a chance to learn from this lady, I highly recommend it. 

©VP Miller,  Daisy, Watercolor and Casein

Meet Daisy. She's a rescue mutt that we adopted some time ago. I started painted her in the workshop but finished her up today. She's such a good doggie! But she loves her vittles. Don't leave anything out or whoosh! it might disappear. 

And this is a value study that I also mostly completed in class. I added the final darks at home.

©VP Miller, Untitled, Watercolor

The idea is to work in one color only (in this case black), and to leave the paper as your lights. Then you add in your mid-tones and your darks. It's harder than it looks. I struggled with getting dark enough. I thought I had it at the workshop, but then added the final darks at home. Seems like some of the info I received only starting sinking in after I got home!

Does it seems that there's only so much great information that you can absorb at once? Or is it just me? Good thing there's notes!