Friday, February 11, 2011

Daisy Dog and Value Scale Painting

These past few days have been a blur of paint and laughter. I have had the incredible fortune of taking a Pat Weaver workshop in Orlando. If you get a chance to learn from this lady, I highly recommend it. 

©VP Miller,  Daisy, Watercolor and Casein

Meet Daisy. She's a rescue mutt that we adopted some time ago. I started painted her in the workshop but finished her up today. She's such a good doggie! But she loves her vittles. Don't leave anything out or whoosh! it might disappear. 

And this is a value study that I also mostly completed in class. I added the final darks at home.

©VP Miller, Untitled, Watercolor

The idea is to work in one color only (in this case black), and to leave the paper as your lights. Then you add in your mid-tones and your darks. It's harder than it looks. I struggled with getting dark enough. I thought I had it at the workshop, but then added the final darks at home. Seems like some of the info I received only starting sinking in after I got home!

Does it seems that there's only so much great information that you can absorb at once? Or is it just me? Good thing there's notes!

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