Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Beets with Wine Bottle Original Oil Painting

Beets with Wine Bottle

"Beets with Wine Bottle", 5 x 5", oil on linen/SOLD ©VP Miller
I set up a triangular composition of three beets, their greens and a wine bottle. My intention was to make the leftmost beet the center of interest, followed closely by the wine bottle highlight. The greens would boomerang your eye around, effectively keeping your eye from leaving the painting. 

I'm still learning and focusing on the concept of massing - keeping darks together or whites together to form continuity. The darkest dark on the beet is next to the lightest light. That is mirrored in the wine bottle. The greens are mid-values. Their focal point is color, although nothing to light in hue that would rival the highlights. I learned a great deal about paint handling into wet dark values.

Tonight, I'm enjoying roasted beets with olive oil and salt (for the first time), and having the sauteed beet greens on the side.

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