Wednesday, August 8, 2012

"Lucky Bamboo" Alla Prima Painting

Have you ever wondered how these plants get shaped? Me, too. I know you can set palm trees in the ground at an angle when you plant them and they will straighten up, forming the most beautiful curve.

still life, oil on linen on panel, 4" x 4", "Lucky Bamboo"

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I decided to go small with this one, and for subsequent paintings, to be able to do some visual excavation and exploration. Normally, when working on a larger painting I'm in the planning and development phase for awhile, and then the execution stage could take weeks afterward. I want more freedom. I want to pursue themes and subjects that I normally couldn't include in these larger paintings, but that would work as stand alone subjects. I think every object we are drawn to has meaning beyond it's beauty. It may be telling us something from our own subconscious, dredged up memories or half-formed thoughts.

It's an idea that I can validate or discard after painting daily. I'm excited! Already I am learning. This painting is in the alla prima method, or "at once" meaning that I painted it in one intense session. I normally paint in a series of layers, in a very controlled manner. This linen on board is like pushing paint around on a mirror it's so very slick.

Bear with me while I learn! I plan on sharing what I know. I'm already having fun and hope you will too.

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