Monday, January 17, 2011

Pen Sketch and MLK Day

Today had us rained out for the most part.. in the early afternoon we escaped to McDonald's with our daughter. She got some quality kid time in on their playground equipment. My husband and I enjoyed each other's company in between welcomed interruptions of high pitched laughter, squealing and quick stories. 

I was able to get in a quick pen sketch of him, in between a few of these sessions as he sat reading Time magazine. I like sketching in pen and that you can't erase! No fretting, or covering up. It will take me awhile to figure out cross hatching skills and techniques though. It feels good to flex the drawing muscles again.

Later, when the rain let up my daughter and I took a long walk with one of our dogs. In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. day, as our service project we picked up all the recyclables that lay strewn in front of our development and along our walk. It was her idea and I'm proud of my little girl! I promised her that we would always take an extra bag. 

We heard a few car beeps, so if that was you - drop me a line or leave a comment!


  1. @Natividad - ¡Saludos y Muchas gracias! It is nice to meet you.. :-)

  2. What a wonderful sketch of your husband. Very good. Have a great weekend!

  3. @Heather - thank you. I hope you enjoy yours also.