Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Art Tribute to Haiti Earthquake Anniversary

Happy Anniversary, Haiti. 

You have survived a devastating Jan 12, 2010 earthquake and subsequent floods. Battled cholera. Your people are determined not to just extend a hand, but to look for real solutions like technology and education. They don't want to be the world's poor! They want to find a lasting way out of the mud and the tents.  

The indomitable spirit in the face of horror and tedium is beautiful. 

©2010 VP Miller, "Rebuilding Haiti: Tender Moment between Soldier and Orphan"
24" x 18", Watercolor on Paper

I was inspired to paint a watercolor that shows that spirit and tells a story. My source material was a photo taken by Army Specialist (SPC) Krista Payne, who was recording images from Operation Unified Response. The 11th Transportation Battalion (Bn), 71st Sustainment Brigade visited a local orphanage in Port-au-Prince on March 15, 2010. The Bn's Executive Officer (XO), Major (MAJ) Marci Miller encountered this young boy during that goodwill visit.  

While working on the painting, I was able to see several things clearly. The sharp lines in the boy's shirt indicated that it was new, and just taken out of the bag. MAJ Miller's fingers and fingernails were caked with dirt. The easy way she held him in her arms. The way they were looking at each other while he smooshed her cheeks. The connection they shared. 

I hope this boy is doing well. I pray the people of Haiti continue to heal as a nation. I know that Haiti itself has not been orphaned by the world. 


  1. That's amazing work VP! I love the details and IN WATERCOLOR. WOW.

  2. Beautiful, VP! Your spirit truly shines through in this peice. Great work!

  3. A Muser and Shari, I really appreciate your feedback!! Thanks for posting and for sharing. Also super happy that you are here. :-)