Monday, January 3, 2011

Brave New Year, 2011

Happy 2011! 

New Year's brings a flurry of resolutions, goals and promises to ourselves and others. 
Rather than get swept up in this activity, let us take a moment to regroup.

I like Zen Habit's blog article on achieving, without goals. The gist is that without hardline goals we can be excited about getting many things done, and flexible enough to recognize when we need to change course. The excitement creates the energy or momentum to get the projects done. The flexibility is key. Many people, when locked in on a goal, will continue along just to check that item off their list. Even if it no longer serves them. Or, even if the fear or shame of not meeting their goal, is debilitating. 

Instead, why not set an intention? Intentions are a way of stating with purpose what you wish to accomplish. But they take in a global picture. They allow for creative solutions during the course of action, rather than a pre-defined program where failure is built into every step not taken. It is the middle ground between the wishy-washy, "I need to lose weight" and the rigid, "I will lose 2 pounds every week". It is a firm, well-placed target, "I will lose x pounds this year". 

What intentions do you have? We may have many that in our heart of secret hearts we cannot share. Find someone that will support you, to share your intentions with and keep you accountable. I am so blessed to have an actively supportive husband and group of artists that I meet with almost weekly. They are all "believing mirrors" or people who actively affirm me back as positive and that my dreams and actions are worthwhile. 

My creative intentions for 2011 include:
  1. I will announce the new series that I am committed to working on.
  2. I will collaborate with people who can help me on the new series.
  3. I will have an exhibit for the series.
  4. A portion of the sales will go to a related charitable organization.
Stating them here holds me accountable and it's exciting to share my purpose! Writing is a binding contract, so if it interests you, put your intentions in writing to "seal the deal".

Happy New Year, 2011!

VP Miller


    1. I find that I no longer make rigid resolutions anymore. I, like you, will only have intentions to follow. I write them in my journal once and that is the intention. No looking back at it until the next year. I find that this takes the pressure off. And I feel much better at the end of the year.

      Happy New Year!

    2. Hi Heather- thank you for sharing! I *really* like your idea about devoting a journal page or pages to your intentions. And then not looking at them until next year. Some intentions are etched into the brain anyway, aren't they?.. Great to meet you! -VP