Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Selected for Judging and Breaking Barriers

This past weekend at the Mount Dora Art Festival I was deeply honored to have my painting "Rebuilding Haiti" selected for Judging. This means that it was pre-screened and deemed worthy to be in the semi finals by the esteemed judges! Although I didn't win, having my painting selected was a huge honor and brought lots of curious onlookers into my booth.

"Rebuilding Haiti", Watercolor, Selected for Judging, VPMiller

One of them was a clinical psychologist, who said that the painting broke all the barriers and did I plan on that before painting it? "What do you mean", I asked? She explained to me that it broke barriers of race, culture, career, language and relationship. Did I plan to do all that with this painting? I laughed, explaining that I was moved emotionally after the earthquake in Haiti and just painted. I really wasn't thinking of it that way.
I like her version though!

It's incredible the interesting people that come to view your art, and some of the feedback they give. I wouldn't trade that for the world.


  1. Sweet! Congratulations! Keep doing what you do - the world needs to see......!