Saturday, December 26, 2015

Artsy Shark's Painters Showcase Feature!

Ending 2015 with an unexpected bang, I have been incredibly blessed to be included in the Artsy Shark Painter's Showcase!

The Mighty Yak, Source

In case you have been out trekking the Nepalese mountains and living on Yak cheese (and therefore missed Carolyn Edlund's incomparable website), Artsy Shark is a boon of business articles and inspiration for artists in the digital age. I refer to it often for information on marketing and to see what's the latest with artists that I may have missed. Carolyn has a vast audience and a sharp curator's eye, so I know that what I'm seeing is the latest in cutting edge and rising artists. So, a real thrill to be included (and the vote of confidence in my art is always, always appreciated)!!

A link to the Painter's Showcase.

Happy New Year!!

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