Tuesday, August 26, 2014

"Watermelon Slice" Original Oil Painting

  Victoria Miller Original Oil Painting Watermelon Slice Art Memento Framed Food

Watermelon Slice

"Watermelon Slice", 5. x 5 in., oil on linen, ©Victoria Page Miller/SOLD
When you think of summer do you picture fresh watermelons? Slice or slab, chunk or melon ball, summer just isn't the same without them. I don't think a watermelon is complete without a few black and white seeds punctuating that bright red color. Without seeds, you wouldn't be able to enjoy a watermelon seed spitting contest. :) Get yours now before the watermelon season is gone. Bring a sweet memory to your home or office with this little keepsake. 

 Victoria Miller Original Oil Painting Ice Cream Bar Treat Gift Memento Framed 


Victoria Miller Ice Cream Treat Original Oil Painting


 ice cream painting

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