Monday, April 22, 2013

Auction Benefits Red Cross, NFAC Heron at DeLeon Springs

Finally entering the Nibblefest (Themed) Art Contest! It's held on Ebay every month.. Just do a search for this month's theme "Trees" take a look around and then come back. I'll wait.

So I've entered... it's exciting because every auction starts at $0.99! (Those of you who didn't search eBay for NFAC, go on, do it now!) Click on this direct link for my auction!

"Heron at DeLeon Springs", Giclee,©VictoriaPageMiller, eBay auction
Okay... so there are a lot of entries! They all can start on the 20th of the month but must complete by the 27th. That's really it. I've entered a reproduction of my "Heron at DeLeon Springs" oil painting. Before you get all persnickety about it being a Trees theme versus a Bird theme... might I just say that the heron is walking amongst the trees. Well he is! Looking for his breakfast. It could have been a Breakfast theme. Or an Omelet theme and I would have been fine. He could be having it his way. Or he could be lovin' it.

The important part is that any money (even if it is $0.99!) raised by my auction will be directly donated to the American Red Cross. They've been busy lately. They are always busy and I want them to continue to do the important work that they do.

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