Sunday, March 25, 2012

Heron at DeLeon Springs Painting

It's been a long time since blogging. I apologize for not tending to my blog, but sometimes life and family can overrun your time!

I just completed this oil painting titled "Heron at DeLeon Springs".

© 2012 VP Miller - "Heron at DeLeon Springs" - 16"x20" - Oil on Canvas 

My daughter and I were out at DeLeon Springs State Park in Volusia County, Florida. She is a member of the Echo Ranger program which allows children to sample ecological, cultural, historical and outdoors activities in Volusia. It's a fantastic program, and a great way to explore Central Florida for families. (I don't see why all counties couldn't adopt this idea: it's low cost for families, and an excellent cross-promotional tool, but best of all, it's fun!)

Anyway, on this particular trip we went on a ecological/historical boat tour at DeLeon Springs. The tour went from DeLeon Springs State Park into the waters of Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Refuge. This little heron was only a sampling of the kind of beauty we saw that day.

We'll be going back sometime to swim in the year round 72 degree Fahrenheit water. And maybe to try the famous pancakes at the Old Mill House. That requires getting there early, unless you want to wait.

Did you know that DeLeon Springs was once billed in the 1880's as a kind of fountain of youth? You can be sure that I dipped my feet in just in case!

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