Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Happy New Year 2018!  It’s been an incredible few months here.

Last year I’d moved to Dubai with my family and it has been amazing.
It took time to get settled and explore and to host family and friends.
I started up a daily yoga practice which has transformed me.
Really kept busy but like a part was still missing.
Always there was a niggling thought i want to paint.

I did, but I was chicken!

I’ve been painting since I was a child,
but I’ve let the fear of really exposing myself in my art rule me
for my entire life.
I journaled about it.
I meditated on it.
I prayed.
I spent too much time thinking about it.
I read Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Big Magic” over and over.
Finally I realized it just doesn’t matter. I need to paint.
I need to answer that call deep inside, whether or not anyone will like it.

A few months ago, I made a small study of a visiting yoga teacher
and loved it.
It bolstered me.
I allowed myself the space to create bad paintings.
To keep going.
Because it gets easier each time, to keep going through the fear. So here I am now.

Here’s my latest work. Harley Quinn.
Appropriate I suppose because she has inner demons.
In the blog post I describe the whole creative process, how she evolved
and became this painting.
It’s my favorite painting so far. I hope of many more to come.

This is my last blog post here. If you want current posts, head over to my new blog.
Thank you for your support through the years! I hope to see you at my new website soon.

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